Turin, the first capital of Italy, is a place flooded with history and art. Without forgetting that it is a city that loves good food, but even more than good wine! Under the arcades of the center, you will find countless wine bars, elegant cafes and lively bars and restaurants, right next to the luxurious shopping streets. Although many remember it for Fiat and Juve, Turin is actually a fascinating metropolis where the future is created, today as yesterday, thanks to its active youth population and its excellent universities.

What see

National Cinem Museum at The Italian film industry has its roots here in Turin, located inside the MOLE ANTONELLIANA

Exclusively dedicated to Egyptian art and history, this museum is second only to that of Cairo. The vast collection preserved here is the result of years of expeditions, in the past in fact the findings were divided between the town where the excavations were carried out and the one of origin of the researchers. Let yourself be taken on a journey through time to one of the most fascinating ages in history!

Palazzo Reale was the official residence of the Savoy family

Valentino Park The Valentino is a huge park of 421,000 m2 in the center, on the banks of the river PO it hosts the motor show, a unique event in a very suggestive location

Borgo Mediavale
Allian Stadium Juventus